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None | Host Body - Carla

"Mature" | Host Body - 22

None | Host Body - Female

Current Host Body - The body of "Carla" stands at 5'8". She has shoulders that are a little wide, and sports a body that looks like she might have been a female athlete. However that has softened out some since the cordyceps have taken full control - however it doesn't intend to let this body lose all its definition. Also Carla's eyes have become glazed over with a milky grey now that the fungus is rooted.

Cordyceps - what's visible of the cordyceps after infection and maturity is the appearance of what looks like antlers. However instead of being particularly hard or sturdy, these are more spindly and branching like a plant. The branches are a little "fuzzy" to the touch, like the small, fine hairs of a peach.

Cordyceps are a type of fungi considered to be a "Zombie Fungus." This fictional type consciously chooses its host seeking out strong or otherwise capable hosts to to infect to avoid frequent host jumping. The spores infect the body, and move to the brain. Slowly it takes root like a seed in soil. As the fungus engulfs the brain tissue it absorbs the memories of its host like downloading information on what the fungus needs to do to keep the host body alive and well for continued use. Slowly the host "dies" from this process becoming essentially brain dead for the cordyceps to control at will. Eventually the fungus sprouts breaking through whatever protective shell (like a human's skull and skin) it has around its brain. Then the cordyceps continue to grow branching out to absorb sunlight.

If the cordyceps itself or the host body's life is extremely threatened it will shed the body and branches like a husk, and move on to the next via spores. To create "children" this fictional fungus will bear fruit. Seedless fruits are non fertilized and will be dropped or discarded without a thought. Though the majority of fungi reproduce asexually, this fictional type reproduce by meeting another of its species, and swapping spores. After that for a time the cordyceps will produce seed bearing fruit.

What is also unique to this type is that unlike mushrooms or similar fungi they do not all share "one brain." Instead they are individuals, and have a level of sentience far beyond any Earth plant.

This individual 'blossom' is on its third host. It had its first host for three months (barely grew branches), and the second for two and a half years. Its first HB was killed in an weather disaster, while the second fell victim to a birth defect. The current HB it has had for six months, and now displays branches that can easily be mistaken for deer antlers. This individual is considered incredibly young for its species since these fictional cordyceps can theoretically live into eternity as long as they manage to host-jump before their spores die from over-exposure to the elements of being outside of a HB. This blossom is intensely curious about the universe, and is eager to experience as much as it can before it fails a host-jump. It views its time in this universe both limited and infinite so it will spare time to indulge others, while also insisting that she try something new with each encounter. It is eager to learn, and experience. Perhaps that kind of boundless energy (this blossom is not exactly energetic per se, but it is filled with more desire and yearning to do more than just exist) only comes with young sprouts.

First HB: Fed on live creatures by liquefying their insides and consuming the fluid like a spider.
Second HB: Creature not of earth. Reproduced by laying eggs. Apex predator.

Current Host Body:
Carla is the youngest of a four-person family unit consisting of her father, mother, and older sister. Her father wanted boys, but got two girls. Her older sister is now the co-owner of an auto-repair shop with her father while she just accomplished winning a kickboxing championship before the cordyceps had infected her. Her mother designed landscapes for expensive homes.

This individual is slow to anger. Its boundless curiosity and fascination with the universe and other living things makes it patient for the sake of learning, or perhaps its youth and unfamiliarity just make it oblivious. Experiencing life, and protecting/maintaining its own is its biggest concerns - beyond that it is very flexible.


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